I. Product Information

Our main product is 3D items with various types such as hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts and many more products in our next project which will come really soon using polyester as the main material. With 95% of polyester and 5% of spandex, our design can endure the printing process using laser 3D printing. With this kind of material, the fabric will not shrink or burn when being printed and at the same time it will retain the same color and design pattern as the original design.

Note: Please bear in mind that there is no elastic band sewn on the collar, cuffs and bottom hem of the jumper.

II. Laundry instruction

  1. Hand/Machine washing: Your high-quality clothes can be washed either by hand or with the washing machine. However, hand-washing is preferable in order to retain its original color.
  2. Turn the clothes inside out: One of the most effective ways to prevent cloth discoloration is to turn it inside out before washing or put it into the washing machine.
  3. Coldwater recommended: Not only for the 3D printing apparels but also for many other products, cold water is always a better choice to avoid shrink/stretch or color distress during the washing process.
  4. Use gentle detergents: Too harsh detergents are likely to cause strong damage to your clothes, especially if you use them on a high frequency. In case of any stains on it, just try to use the stain remover on a particular part and do not bleach on the entire garment. Mild detergents together with cold water will be the best combination for 3D-printed cloth laundry.
  5.   NO IRON: The high temperature can destroy the fabric so we do not recommend any kind of cloth ironing. Instead, you can hang your clothes with a wooden or thick plastic hanger right after washing without worrying about the cloth wrinkles.

If you have any concerns or have any questions, for further actions, please contact us through our customers service email: [email protected]